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Galactic Fuzz makes guitar rock tunes with a psychedelic vibe, catchy melodies, and a lot of fun guitar solos. The 3-piece band is fronted by singer, songwriter and guitarist Javier Güell, who is joined by longtime friends Ricky Mere on drums and Jorge García on bass. The band is about to release their second album this coming August, and already dropped their first single, "Time We Fight" in May.
Their debut album released in October, 2022 and since then the band has slowly but surely started to build a captive audience, with one of their singles, "Pyramids and Ghosts" getting placement on a couple of Spotify Editorial playlists months after its release, and 3 more of their singles also making it to many user playlists and amassing thousands of streams.

Previous and Other Projects

Javier Guell (songwriter, vocals, guitar) played with Jorge García (bass) in a Miami-based Rock in Spanish band called Soniko from 2001 until 2009. They had 2 videos in rotation as "Buzzworrhy" in MTV Español,  toured the USA, and played on Music Conferences such as SXSW and LAMC.

Ricardo Mere (drums) is Jorge's cousin and also Javier's friend for decades. Ricky played with Javi with solo artist Dama Vicke, a project that was showcased at the FIMPRO Guadalajara, has played several shows across the US and Mexico, was named songwriter of the year in 2018 by Miami New Times, and her songs and videos have won several awards in Conferences around the world. 


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Javier Guell

Vocals & Guitar


Ricky Mere



Jorge Garcia


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